Belly dancing classes are the new rave in London! Following in the footsteps of the pole dancing mania of a few years ago, belly dancing is the increasingly frequent pastime choice of young working women. What has made it so popular? Unlike many sports, it requires no special equipment or past training. You can practise it pretty much anywhere, including in the comfort of your home. You should also consider these top three benefits of belly dancing:

It will improve your core strength

Although it may look leisurely at times, belly dancing requires constantly working out your stomach muscles. It also includes breathing exercises and a lot of lateral movement, which will help you get in shape (or stay fit). Don’t worry, you will keep all your curves and still look better than ever!

It will improve your balance and body mechanics

Once you master the basics of belly dancing, you will go to much more challenging movements and poses. Advanced belly dancing has often reminded me of ballet – the dancer tiptoes on the stage, constantly shifts her body weight from left to right, and has to keep her balance while working with her torso. All this requires a masterful sense of balance, especially in the lower limbs, and complete control of your body mechanics.

But above all – socialise!

Yes, belly dancing classes are about shaking the stress off and feeling confident in your own skin. But above all, they are about meeting new, like-minded, and interesting people. The energy in a gym full of laughing, dancing women having a great time is unlike anything you have experienced in your life!