Upcoming Belly Dance Events in London

The next couple of weeks are action-packed for the belly dance scene in London.  Tomorrow evening is monthly event Rouh Arabi at its regular venue Dar Marrakesh on Edgware Road.  A small plug/humble brag is that my friends Leyla and Natasha will be performing a Saidi duet choreographed by yours truly.  There will be lots of other fantastic dancers as well and I will try and do a write-up/review when I get the chance.  I'm going to enjoy sitting back and relaxing and enjoying simply being an audience member for a change!

Rouh Arabi London belly dance show
Victoria Belly Dancer performing at Lets Belly Dance Show in London

Then on Saturday (30th June) there will be Sarah Malik's Let's Belly Dance Show at which I will be performing a solo and also a group Oriental choreography.  There will be some wonderful guest dancers including Ozgen Ozgec, Maelle, and Barbara Olyus.  The show will be at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in Hackney and will start at 1.30 pm.  Tickets are £10.00 on the door.  The picture on the left was taken by Roxane Grant at the last show.

Last, but not least. one of the most prestigious events on the London belly dance calendar, the Arab Quarterly, returns on Sunday 8th July 2018 to Hoxton Hall.  I will be performing a solo to the live band.  Tickets are available from Hoxton Hall.

London belly dance show