Exclusive New Tabla Solo

I am delighted to announce the final product of my artistic collaboration with Yassir Jamal, the Moroccan master of the darbuka based in the Ukraine: an exclusive new drum solo.  As well as the typical Egyptian rhythms, this tabla solo also showcases different rhythms from around the Arab world.  Yassir turned around the four and a half minute composition in less than a month whilst busy recording for Aziza.  It was an interesting experience to work with a musician and have direct control over the finished product.  You really need to know your rhythms for this to work.  It was particularly interesting to see how Yassir managed the transitions between quite different rhythms.  I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what rhythms are in the solo, but watch out for a video soon!

To find out more about Yassir and his work, and to contact him to commission your own piece, visit his Facebook page here.

tabla solo london belly dancer