Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional belly dancer for my event?

A belly dancer at your event is sure to be a talking point among your guests and can provide an entertaining and dynamic show tailored to your needs. Belly dance is family friendly entertainment which can be enjoyed by all ages. Audience interaction can be included as part of the show or performance to get your guests up and dancing and to create a party-like atmosphere. By booking a professional belly dancer you can rest assured that you are working with a consummate professional that has prepared a performance to your specific requirements. As no audience is exactly alike then no belly dance performance is exactly alike either.  For example, each of Victoria's set lists is prepared with a particular audience in mind, with different song choices depending on the age and background of the guests.  Victoria is versatile and experienced at dancing for different groups and has performed at Arab, Iranian, Turkish and Indian events and parties.

What kind of events and parties can I hire a belly dancer for?

  • surprise birthday party;
  • wedding;
  • henna or mendhi party;
  • hen party;
  • Christmas party;
  • New Year's Eve party;
  • Eid party;
  • Nowruz party;
  • fundraiser or charity event;
  • gala dinner or awards evening;
  • film, theatre and television work.

What should I consider when hiring a belly dancer for my occasion?

One thing to consider is the length of the performance you want. A set of fifteen to twenty minutes would be sufficient time for three or four different songs with some audience participation as well. Alternatively, you could break up the performance into shorter sets with costume changes in between for variety. You should also think about your potential performance space and whether you have enough room for the belly dancer to perform in. Small spaces may mean that certain props are not suitable. Ideally, there should also be a private space where the dancer can change and store her belongings whilst performing. A final consideration is whether you have an adequate sound system for the dancer to use and whether the dancer should provide music on a CD, or an ipod, iphone or other MP3 player. It is helpful to check that you have the necessary cables and that all equipment is working as intended in advance of the performance.

How much does a professional belly dancer cost?

Quotations are based on a number of factors: the length of the performance, the timing of the performance, the location of the event and the nature of the event. To give a few examples, a twenty minute set will be less expensive than a longer performance, or two sets separated by a break. Performances outside of London that require additional travel time will be charged accordingly. Victoria may also be able to recommend a more local belly dancer.

Where can you perform?

Victoria is available for performances both inside and outside of London. Performances outside of London will generally incur additional costs for travel time and expenses. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

Can I choose the music you perform to?

Victoria is happy to discuss your music requirements with you prior to your event and can create a playlist specially tailored to your event incorporating any special requests. If you are unsure of what you think would best suit your event and audience, Victoria is happy to advise on suitable music and make suggestions. Generally though, belly dancing is best enjoyed accompanied by authentic music from the region. In addition Victoria also has experience with performing with live musicians and bands.

Can I choose the costume you perform in?

Victoria has a selection of professional belly dance costumes in a variety of colours and styles, including more covered up options, and is happy to discuss costuming requirements with you prior to your event. Please note that as Victoria is regularly replacing costumes to provide variety for her clients and to keep up with the latest costuming trends, some costumes depicted on the website may no longer be available.

What if you are not available for the date and time that I want?

Victoria will be able to recommend another suitably qualified professional belly dancer to perform at your event from amongst her professional associates.